Personalization features of our 6x8 cards include everything found in the 5x7 cards plus:

  • page 2 - optionally include scripture passage
  • page 2 - optionally include artist information at the bottom
  • page 3 - personalized verse choice of standard verses
  • page 3 - optionally include personalized signature
  • page 3 - optionally include a logo or signature image
  • page 3 - optionally include beneficary information for specific cards

Our 6x8 cards include envelopes measuring 5 3/4th inches by 8 1/8th inches. Paper colors include white and ivory. All include a square invitation flap. The paper is #24 pound.

Some of our cards include the option of gold or silver foil lined envelopes. Some only come with a foil lined envelope. The selection is restricted to ensure an appropriate match between the card and envelope.

Return address is printed on the back flap.

Our printers use the best papers and inks to achieve high quality cards. Our best cards employ linen papers, embossing and colored foil accents to achieve the most distinctive cards. It may be hard to tell the difference on a computer screen. Here are close ups of portions of both.

The Christmas tree with birds is ink on glossy paper. The photo is hard to capture and doesn't give the card its due. The card is gorgeous, however the close up reveals the limitations of ink. It reflects less light, less luster.

The Nativity scene is on textured linen paper. The image is embossed and created with gold foil. The photo captures the texture of the linen paper. The gold foil reflects the greater detail in the embossing.